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   Absorption      age      balanced diet      Bile      body size      climate      Defecation      Digestion      Enzymes      occupation      Peristalsis      roughage      sex      Villi      water   

1. A contains all the seven classes of food in the right amount.
2. The amount of energy we need depends on our , , , , physical activity, and state of health.
3. is the breakdown of large food molecules into smaller molecules.
4. is the rhythmic contraction and relaxion of the muscles of the gut wall.
5. are substances which act as catalysts in the body.
6. emulsifies fats.
7. is the movement of digested food from the gut into the bloodstream.
8. is the tiny finger-like projection which is highly folded in the inner surface of small intestine.
9. is the process of removing faeces from the body through the anus.
10. Enough and in diet prevent contipation.