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   Cold      dry      feather      gills      hair      land      lungs      milk      moist      shell      slimy      Warm      water   

The characteristics of mammals are:-
* Warm-blooded.
* Give birth to young and produce for them.
* Body covered with .
* Breathe through .

The characteristics of reptiles are :-
* -blooded
* Lay eggs and scale
* Breathe through .

The characteristics of amphibians are :-
* Cold-blooded and skin
* Lay eggs
* Breathe through when young.
* Breathe through and skin at adult stage.
* Live both in and on .

The characteristics of bird are :-
* -blooded,Lay eggs with , have and breathe through .

The characteristics of fish are cold-blooded, lay eggs, scales, breathe through and live in .